Winter is coming by Darien A (TX)

I felt the first bite of cold today.
A cloudy sky and 55 degrees.
It come on in its dreary way,
and more leaves left the trees.

Found my jacket under a box,
UH red, slightly faded.
And checked the holes in my socks,
feeling my heart grow jaded.

I know what's coming and where it goes.
The biting wind and frigid gray.
My mind will tear as darkness grows,
and sweep my happiness away.

It's hard to smile at the sun,
when it provides no heat. 
And hard to find the strength to run,
when facing down defeat.

But I will stand against the chill,
and try to warm my soul.
I'll gather up my strength of will,
though nature takes its toll.

And I know the fight is hard,
and one day I may lose.
But beyond the icy shard,
lies Spring's radiant hues.

Winter also has its joys,
its wonders and its lights.
Like cocoa, food, and Christmas toys,
and starry starry nights.

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