Brainstorms by Darien A (TX)

This will be a running list of just ideas. I may add to this every now and then with topics I want to research or things I may want to write about. Just a place for me to freeform and kind of plan out loud so to speak. Also if I do use any of these and they become a full story or essay or whatever then I will add a link to the item so you can see what I did with it. Also if you have your own take on these ideas then I’d love to see them. These are just ideas and even if you use them my take on them will be different than yours.

  1. An analysis of Charlie Chaplin’s Great Dictator Speech
  2. A discussion on my favorite poem.
  3. Exploring different poetry forms.
  4. A horror story.
  5. A fanfiction about Cirno x Yukari.
  6. Other fanfiction.
  7. Essay on my views on AI art and the problems and promise of it.
  8. Indie game reviews.
  9. Discussion on my favorite stories.
  10. Worldbuiliding exercise.
  11. Two sentence horror stories.
  12. More haikus.
  13. Learning more about game development.
  14. More paintings.
  15. I want to publish something.
  16. I want my words to reach people.
  17. I want my words to help my family.
  18. I want love.
  19. I want the truth.
  20. What is truth?
  21. God.

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