Do I have the right to dream? by Darien A (TX)

Am I a fool to dare to dream,
of profit made from words?
Or are things more than they seem?
Can I leave the herd?

Can I walk a different path?
A new road of my own.
Or will I suffer divine wrath,
if I dare to stand alone?

Are we made to strike a claim,
and walk out loud and bold?
Or should we live a life that's tame?
Work hard and then grow old.

I can't say if I'm wrong or right.
That's never been my place.
But still I wander towards the light,
that shines upon my face.

I dare to see this light as hope,
a gift to guide me home.
And even backed against the rope,
I will not turn to foam.

No mermaid's broken hearted fate,
or gorgon's gory end.
Will ever turn my heart to hate,
or me against a friend.

I do not know this world.
I do not know my legacy.
But still my sail's unfurled,
And I stand proud on pegasi.

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