So Far From Anywhere

Look at me,
so far from anywhere.
Can't you see?
Don't you care?

Can't say I haven't tried,
but can't show you any gains.
Would you notice if I died?
Would you try and share my pains?

I know I'm not a hero,
and I'll never be a saint.
But I'm definitely not a zero,
so forget about what I ain't.

Yeah I'm so far from anywhere,
but I'm still walking.
So do you even care,
or are you just talking?

Do I matter to you,
cuz I matter to me.
So do tell me true,
what do you see?

Because I see a man,
doing his best.
Doing what he can,
so give it a rest.

I'm so far from anywhere,
I'm telling you true.
But I really don't care,
and neither do you.

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