Suffer not for tomorrow by Darien A (TX)

What have you got for your frustration?
Your restless excitation?
All your hither-thither,
to and fro.

You worried yourself gray.
Drew lines on your face.
Trying to make a perfect day.
Trying to win life's race.

Don't you know there ain't no winner,
and you've got nothing to lose.
So just go get some dinner.
Don't sit home playing blues.

Don't you worry bout tomorrow,
don't look for silver lining.
Forget about your sorrow,
and cease your troubled pining.

Life's a wonder.
Life's a shout.
Live with thunder.
Let it out.

Day by day,
on your way.
To anywhere at all.
And know that it won't matter none
if you stand or fall.

Don't count it by the laurels,
no one's really keeping score.
Just walk amongst the sorrels,
because that's what woods are for.

The world ain't here to hate you,
and no one's here to judge.
So be who you are and do what you do,
and walk with a jaunt not a trudge.

Even if you're hungry,
even if you're broke.
The world is smiling with you,
at all the light within you.


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