This page will feature short haikus I put together and may be updated whenever I come up with more of them. For those who don’t know a haiku is a short poem that at least in English is five syllables then seven then five. Traditionally it is a bit more flexible, but one thing that is a key sign of traditional haikus is an emphasis on seasonal imagery.

Haiku #1: The Storm
Oh sound the tempest
Brilliant blue fire bolts 
Pierce a pitch black sky

Haiku #2: Thanksgiving
Food and family
Football, turkey, and parades
Thanksgiving again

Haiku #3: Love
To love each other
To be together each year
In sickness and health

Haiku #4: Muddy paws
Chilly autumn rain
Wet noses and muddy paws
Puppies chase warmth

Haiku #5: Loss
What is life but loss
Friends and lovers come and go
Like waves on the shore

Haiku #6: Meetings
Meetings and partings
As we journey to the sea
Leaves on the current

Haiku #7: Winter
Leaves cling to branches
Until winter strips them bare
And rain turns to snow

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