Adrift by Darien A (TX)

Adrift upon a nameless sea, 
of self inflicted misery. 
Lost forever in confusion,
born of confident delusion.

Wandering through the world,
unaware of the haze.
Drifting with sails furled,
through endless mindless days.

Change comes slow,
in a cycle of the same.
Not knowing where to go,
or how to play the game.

One day a new wind blew,
and new colors filled the air.
And finally I knew,
that you and I were there.

There for a reason,
There for a goal,
No matter the season,
or rocky the shoal.

Here to sail to a star,
here to chase a dream.
Here to venture far,
and be more than we seem.

Now with sails unfurled, chasing the sun.
A day that is done, a day not begun.
And a life full of fun,
full of new races to run.
Makes light of the sorrows and the haze,
and makes a wonder of all our days.


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