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  • Do I have the right to dream? by Darien A (TX)

    Do I have the right to dream? by Darien A (TX)

    A poem about dreams and myths.

  • Brainstorms by Darien A (TX)

    Brainstorms by Darien A (TX)

    Running list of ideas I may wish to pursue in the future.

  • Winter is coming by Darien A (TX)

    Winter is coming by Darien A (TX)

    A poem about my feelings on the arrival of the cold weather.

  • Playing with NovelAI by Darien A (TX)

    I want to talk about a site I’ve been having a lot of fun with lately. This won’t be a formal discussion type of thing but more like me talking a bit about what it is and what I’ve done with it so far. The site I am talking about is NovelAI is a…

  • My Writing Manifesto by Darien A (TX)

    A manifesto and promise between you all and myself.

  • Images by Darien A (TX)

    Flowers growing through the cracks. Children’s laughter. I close my eyes. Wind blowing. Gentle rain. Peace on Earth. Happiness and sunshine. Love and lover’s joy. Friendly smiles on a Friday. Hopeful tears. Kind unkindness. Bitter words made sweet. How lovely are the dreams Of those who never sleep.

  • Ode to the Mall by Darien A (TX)

    Telling stories in a mall, Adding voices to the hum, The mighty chorus of it all, The booming echo of the drum. A mall is not a garden path, Or gentle narrow stream, Or a royal’s porcelain bath, Or a poet’s dream. Not a home for kings or queens, Or place of glorious deeds, Nor…

  • They Went By by Darien A (TX)

    Somehow the nights went by, Though I couldn’t tell you, If I was bored or alive. Boxes and bags, Turning and pivoting, A never ending line of human greed. Work and sweat then break. Repeat. Work and sweat then break. And nights ended, The check cleared. And it started again, Somehow the night went by.

  • A Life With Words by Darien A (TX)

    A life with Words by Darien A (TX) To live a life of words, Of essay, prose, or rhyme, Soaring like the birds, To make a friend of time. No trains, cars, or planes, To hateful nine to fives, No youth flushed down the drain, Only life spent alive. This will be my dream, Only…

  • Time by Darien A (TX)

    Time Let’s make war on time, All those ticking clocks Falling grains of sand Those damned ticking tocks Let’s be done w/hours, minutes, years, & days. Centuries are worthless Who needs them anyways? I’ll choose moments, Of happiness & tears A single instance, Over a million years.